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Fall 2018

Helios Expanse (2018) (BGG)


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Helios Expanse


Helios Expanse places you in control of an extrasolar civilization, competing for galactic supremacy against its rivals. A group of 3-5 players colonize habitable planets, research technologies, and build a military to wage war. The civilization that colonizes the most planets will emerge victorious and rule the galaxy.



You are a faction of humanity, hurtling towards an unknown planetary jackpot, with centuries of old grudges against the other key players, and ships filled to bursting. Program your card actions in advance, then play out each round. Explore the board using movement, expand your empire by colonizing planets, exploit your advantages by moving up the technology track, and exterminate your competitors by moving up the military track. Helios expanse is for 3-6 players and is an hour of fast paced game play!


Colonizing System Sol was doomed from the start. The initial steps leaving Earth1, centuries ago, were full of hope. The thrill of exploration and discovery was met with fierce competition between factions. The former sentiment propelled humans further into the universe, while the latter manifested in wasted resources, war, and destruction. Over three hundred years after the first moon walk, the human race had made it to the edges of the system, and in doing so, had used all the resources needed to sustain life for the next hundred. It was the twilight of everything, save one fissure of possibility…


  • 60 min / 3-5 Players / 14+ years
  • 4X game play experience in less than 60 minutes
  • Easy to teach
  • Action / Movement Programming
  • Area Control / Area Influence
  • Hand Management
  • Variable Powers
  • Scaleable Game Board


Board Game Battle – Helios Expanse Playthrough YouTube

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Greenbrier Games - Live at GAMA Trade Show 2018(Helios) YouTube




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Helios Expanse Credits

Shawn Macleod

Julie Ahern

Jonathan Madison

Henning Ludvigsen

Allen Panakal

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