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May, 2014

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Ninja Dice


Ninja Dice is a fast-paced, push-your-luck dice game with a unique mechanic: it's not just what you roll, where the dice land is important! Each turn in Ninja Dice you create a house filled with challenges and use your ninja skills to beat them. Move quick! The other ninjas are also rolling dice to attack you (and each other) because the ninja with the most treasure wins! Ninja Dice introduces a mechanic that allows certain dice to modify other dice based on how they land. Dice that have a line on their front edge can modify the other dice partially or completely in front of them, like an arc of fire.


Ninja Dice came into existence when game creator, Rocco Privetera, approached Greenbrier Games at PAX East 2013. It went on to a successful Kickstarter of $60k.


  • Press your luck
  • All players roll dice during each player's turn
  • Where the dice land is important.


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Ninja Dice Credits

Greenbriergames Inc.

Rocco Privetera
Game Designer, creator

Todd Goodman
Playtester, writer, videographer

Courtney Keay

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