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Hull Breach


************************************************************************************************************ HULL BREACH IS NO LONGER A PRODUCT OF GREENBRIER GAMES LLC PLEASE CONTACT teamhb@hullbreachgame.com for inquiries. ************************************************************************************************************ Humanity took its first tentative steps into space more than 500 years ago, orbiting the Earth in tiny capsules and planting flags on the Moon. By 2489, mankind roams among the stars in ships that dwarf those first primitive vessels, but the more things change, the more they stay the same. The basest of motivations still drive humanity's progress and a handful of mega-corporations have consolidated political and economic power. Those who can't bear the complete control the mega corps exert have fled to the ever-expanding frontier while an enigmatic military stands watch against the return of a hostile alien race that was only ever seen once. Lives are bought and sold on the cheap, and bloody conflicts rage all across the galaxy nearly every day – but most go unreported to the public living on the core worlds. Take command of a space station, choose your allegiance, and further the goals of your faction – or your own – with brute force.


Game History

Hull Breach! came to be late in 2009, when Army combat veteran Dan Auxier decided he liked card games, and he liked war games, but none of them on the market satisfied him – so he decided to create his own. Several friends agreed the infant card game had potential and suddenly a team had formed. The first published version of the game was self-financed and served as a prototype for the next iteration of the game: the box sets “Corporate Wars” and “Loyalty and Vigilance,” which were Kickstarted in Spring of 2013 and published in early 2014. The team has slimmed down since those first days but a core crew of people has pulled the game kicking and screaming towards success.

How does it work?

Each player – we call them Commanders – picks their deck, whether that's a pre-con straight from one of the box sets or their own customized deck. The Station card itself determines what that deck's theme is. From there, Commanders can optionally add pieces to their Station to improve its military capabilities or economic power, and then start paying for ships, Marines, and various other cards out of their deck. On their turn, a Commander who feels that they've got the forces to take on an enemy attacks the enemy's Station and combat ensues until the attack succeeds with the destruction or capture of the enemy Station or the destruction or withdrawal of the attacking fleet. In combat, Events and Tactics and spring nasty surprises on enemies and Marines can attempt to execute boarding actions on ships or Stations to capture or scuttle them. Play continues until there's only one Commander left standing. It's a bloody, winner-take-all universe.


  • Easy to learn, hard to master: basic game mechanics are consistently applied but a deep and all-encompassing rules set accounts for nearly all possibilities Commanders can think up. More advanced players will find avenues to assault their enemies that novices might not.
  • Reflective of real war: devise your battle plans and put them to the test. Combat results are resolved by die rolls to represent all the little things you can't control once the missiles fly. Combined-arms tactics are also vital; big ships are cool but smaller ships have important roles, too.
  • Customizable: Each box set contains three pre-constructed decks. Players can use them as they are, or deck-build: all the cards are cross-compatible and can be used to fine-tune a deck that's built to fit your own personal playstyle.
  • Replayable: No two battles are going to end up quite the same way as your force composition, die rolls, and choices all matter.
  • Self-contained: Everything you need to play is in the box – cards, dice, tokens, and rules. Buy Corporate Wars or Loyalty and Vigilance and you've got Hull Breach; there's no need to spend on foil-wrapped boosters or any other peripherals.
  • Backed by a fictional universe: There's a whole universe to read and learn about which might influence who you decide to ally with.



Hull Breach Gameplay Runthrough YouTube

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download all screenshots & photos as .zip (24MB)
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Awards & Recognition

  • "Game of the Con Award 2012" SnowCon - Maine's Permier Gaming Convention

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Hull Breach Credits

Daniel Auxier
Lead Developer

Tim Greenan
Featured Artist

AJ Paratore
Art Director

Vince Paratore
Card Template Designer

Neil Remiesiewicz
Writer/Rules Editor

Charles Quigley

Devin Warburton

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