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Escape the Sanitarium


Escape the Sanitarium combines role-selection and resource management. Escape the Sanitarium is a resource management game where your fellow wards may be in control of your next move. You are a patient of Mist View Sanitarium. Whatever sent you to this place, your goal is to escape with your sanity intact, while trying to uncover the secrets of Mist View. Fight for autonomy while strategically choosing your opponents roles in the game. Each turn you will get to choose the roll of the players to your right or left depending on current disorders, and levels of sanity. Try not to gain any more conditions as you go through the harrowing halls of the institution that keeps you locked away from the rest of the world. Gather resources such as medicine, courage, sanity, insanity and contraband and use your resources to acquire favoritism with the doctors, nurses, and orderlies. Use your wit wisely in order to escape the asylum!


Scott Kimball, war-gamer at heart, and creator of Heavy Steam has also designed Honor of the Samurai, Quests of the Round Table and Chomp! Scott Kimball enjoys designing board games as a way of relaxing from his day job of designing PC and mobile games.


  • Choose roles for players not in control of their sanity.
  • Gain influence with Sanitarium staff
  • Cube Resources (sanity, insanity, courage, medicine, contraband)
  • Worker Placement (meeple/influence tokens)
  • Room Cards, disorder cards, secret cards.
  • Number of Players: 2 - 5 (co-op)
  • Time Required: 90 min
  • Recommended ages: 14+


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Escape the Sanitarium Credits

GreenBrier Games

Scott Kimball
Game Designer

Peter Johnston
Artist, Freelancer

Julie Ahern
Lead Creative Writer

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