Greenbrier Games, an independent game company based out of Marlborough, MA, is a small team of tabletop games designers and publishers headed up by Jeff Gracia. The company has expanded from their original goal of game design to game publishing, miniatures design, and taking on games in a variety of tabletop styles that all have one common factor; they’re fun to play.


Founded in 2011, Greenbrier Games is a Massachusetts based group of game developers. Since their start they have successfully published Zpocalypse, Ninja Dice, Heavy Steam, Yashima, Grimslingers, Folklore: The Affliction, Champions of Hara, as well as Overseers, Of Dreams and Shadows, and more. The team at Greenbrier Games includes game industry talents in design, development, miniatures, and business. They create beautifully themed games, rich in narrative, that are fun to play.

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Burger Up

Champions Of Hara



Helios Expanse

Mr Rhee Surviving The Nightmare World

Ninjadice Kagemasters

Of Dreams And Shadows




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BB01 - BarBEARian-Battlegrounds_GBG-Sell-sheet(8.5x11in).jpg
FL03 - Folklore-World Events (Card pack) 2E_GBG-Sell-sheet(8.5x11in).jpg
FL04 - Folklore-Recipes & Crafting (Card pack) 2E_GBG-Sell-sheet(8.5x11in).jpg
FL05 - Folklore-Ghost (Miniature pack) 2E_GBG-Sell-sheet(8.5x11in).jpg
FL08 - Folklore-Terrain (Miniatures pack) 2E_GBG-Sell-sheet(8.5x11in).jpg
FL09 - Folklore-Colossal Dark Oak 2E_GBG-Sell-sheet(8.5x11in).jpg
FL10 - Folklore-Encounter Record Pads_GBG-Sell-sheet(8.5x11in).jpg
FL11 - Folklore-Character Record Pads_GBG-Sell-sheet(8.5x11in).jpg
FL31 - Folklore-The Affliction (Core Game) 2E_GBG-Sell-sheet(8.5x11in).jpg
FL32 - Folklore-Dark Tales Expansion 2E_GBG-Sell-sheet(8.5x11in).jpg
FL33 - Folklore-Miniatures Box Set_GBG-Sell-sheet(8.5x11in).jpg
FL35 - Folklore-Adventure Creation Kit, Story, & Bookmark_GBG-Sell-sheet(8.5x11in).jpg
FL39 - Folklore-Equipment Pack_GBG-Sell-sheet(8.5x11in).jpg
FL41 - Folklore-Tracker Card Pack (x5)_GBG-Sell-sheet(8.5x11in).jpg
FL44 - Folklore Launch Kit_GBG-Sell-sheet(8.5x11in).jpg
FL46 - Folklore Expansion Kit_GBG-Sell-sheet(8.5x11in).jpg
GS06 - Grimslingers-The Northern Territory (Expansion)_GBG-Sell-sheet(8.5x11in).jpg
GS07 - Grimslingers-Advanced Duels (Microgame)_GBG-Sell-sheet(8.5x11in).jpg
GS13 - Grimslingers-Core Game(3E)_GBG-Sell-sheet(8.5x11in).jpg
HA01 - Champions of Hara_GBG-Sell-sheet(8.5x11in).jpg
HE01 - Helios Expanse_GBG-Sell-sheet(8.5x11in).jpg
OD02 - Of Dreams & Shadows_GBG-Sell-sheet(8.5x11in).jpg
OD03 - Of Dreams & Shadows-The Monster Within_GBG-Sell-sheet(8.5x11in).jpg
VE01 - VENGEANCE-Core Game_GBG-Sell-sheet(8.5x11in).jpg
VE02 - VENGEANCE-Rosari Clan Expansion_GBG-Sell-sheet(8.5x11in).jpg
ZB01 - Zpocalypse 2-Defend the Burbs_GBG-Sell-sheet(8.5x11in).jpg
ZB02 - Zpocalypse 2-Into the Wasteland_GBG-Sell-sheet(8.5x11in).jpg

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